Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Release the Past, Embrace and Rejoice the New Learning

By : Henry Remanlay

              I still amazed with simplicity yet powerful method of Touch for Health (TFH). Yesterday, as usual, I gave an acupuncture session to a lady with stroke. She had difficulty in walking since her left side is paralyzed. After acupuncture session, her husband said to me that she used to walk alone without any assistance till she fell off and traumatized. Since then she lost her confidence and always seek for any assistance to walk.
             Since her husband had attended my TFH class before, so I remind him that he had learned Emotional Stress Release (ESR) technique, which he can use to support his wife. So, I asked his wife permission to do ESR, and held the points on the forehead. While doing this I asked her to imagined stand up from the chair by herself, and once she felt ready she could stand up. And yes, she did it, she could stand up without any support from her husband.
While holding her ESR points, I asked her to imagine to take a step forward and breath, and once she ready she could take a gentle step forward, and yes, she did it again! Until more than ten steps, she regained her confidence and released her trauma. So, we rejoiced her new learning accomplishment.
            Our body system tends to react physically in the survival mode. Stress and trauma are situations may induce this physical reaction in order to save our live. Unfortunately, this reaction may linger in our system even the stressed moment had passed, and become automatic behavior and reaction to save us. This automatic reaction then holding us to move forward and learn new things in life. ESR is a simple TFH technique that support the body system to release and relax, and to detach connection between physical body reaction to traumatized experience. Then past memory become neutral memory without unnecessary physical body reaction and rational thinking is accessed with ease while new learning happens with the ability to move forward.

Qigong & Taichi for Health

By : Henry Remanlay

       Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doesn’t works as curative method only, but it works in prevention and rehabilitation area as well. That’s one of the reason Qigong and later on Taichi are one of the TCM pillar to maintain health. For thousands of years, Sages in China had been observing that specific movement followed by correct breathing may stimulate specific acupuncture meridian.
TCM point of view on body movements is way different than western world point of view. In TCM body movements or later on mentioned as Qigong, put emphasize on couples of aspects to stimulates acupuncture meridian precisely:
  1. the exactness of movements, not speed nor strength
  2. exactness of breathing
  3. correct concentration or focus
      The interesting part is Taichi, even though Taichi developed as a martial art, but it has some similar foundations with Qigong as stated above. That’s one of the reason why Taichi have a gentle movement and easy to do for any people from any ages. Taichi and Qigong not only good for health, but also for emotion, concentration and memory, at school, at workplace, and for daily life activity.